How can I become an investor of Average Group?
To become an investor of Average Group You need to register. Further, after registration, You will need to log in your account using the username and password You provided during registration, and Deposit.

If you have forgotten the password to your account?
If you have forgotten the password of your account, You need to use the option "Forgot password" or contact technical support via the feedback form.

If you have forgotten or lost the access to E-mail?
The loss of control over the email address, equivalent to the loss of control over the account in the system.

What payment systems are used on the site?
Company Average Group works with payment systems: Payeer and Perfect money.

What if I do not have account in these payment systems?
Email account you can access on the website of the chosen payment system.

I want to open a Deposit in which currency can I do it?
In United States dollars.

What are the limitations on the amount of investment?
The amount of investment is at least $ 30 and the maximum is$10,000.

What is the minimum and the maximum amount available for payment?
The minimum and maximum amount available for payment is unlimited.

A number of deposits allowed?
The number of deposits is unlimited.

What to do if I did not get credited to your electronic purse?
You need to check your payment details in the menu "account Settings" and then repeat the procedure output. If there have been no changes and the data are indicated correctly, we recommend that you contact support via the feedback form.

I made a Deposit in one payment system and withdraw your profits want to another. Is this possible?
Payment of all dividends are made only to the payment system that was used for the opening Deposit.

After you request a withdrawal, after a period of time to earn money to my account?
After requesting a withdrawal, payment of profit on Your account will be made in manual mode for 72 hours. Applications will be accepted on Saturday and Sunday. Also note that payouts are made once a week on Tuesdays.

How can I get the referral bonus?
Referral bonus is available for withdrawal as soon as Your partner will make a Deposit into the system .

What should be the Deposit to get referral bonus?
For referral bonus Deposit is desirable but not mandatory. You can invite new members into the system and make a profit with 3 waveboy affiliate program: 5% -1% -1% without any attachments.

Can I create more than one account in your name?
You can create more than one account. If found in breach, the site Administration has the right to block your account until the circumstances are clarified.

Where can I verify my account?
Check your account You can in the personal Cabinet.

If you have problems with registration?
If you encounter problems with registration, check your filled data. If the problem is not solved, we recommend to contact the technical support service using the feedback form.

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